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The Owl’s Late Afternoon Prayer

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 22, 2013 Thank You, God, for late afternoon, when the world gently slips into soft-focus as the day begins to relax. the earth sighs, free from the sun’s harsh scrutiny, growing calmer, settling down in … Continue reading

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The Owl’s Morning Lament

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 21, 2013 Morning … when night’s serene darkness retreats, taking shelter on the other side of the earth, surrendering us to squawking jays rooster shouts, honking horns and buzzing phones. It’s just too loud, Merciful … Continue reading

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The Owl’s Morning Prayer

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 20, 2013 Oh God, it’s morning again. Late last night before I went to sleep I had big plans great ideas, and lots of energy to go along with them. Now, in the frail light … Continue reading

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A Modern Prophet?

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 14 , 2013 Hey, God, can’t you hear me? Have You shut the door, plugged Your ears, or gone away on an extended vacation? I wouldn’t blame You if You did, divine patience notwithstanding; even … Continue reading

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The Rose Bush Beside the Wall

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 13, 2013 The rose bush beside the wall breathed a piteous sigh, “Why was I not planted in the middle of a garden where the sun is always shining and my luxuriant blossoms admired far … Continue reading

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