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Missing God

Deborah Beach Giordano © May 2013 It’s endless, God, the arguments about Your likes and Your dislikes, about where You are and what You do; we gossip endlessly behind Your back. We complain about Your character whenever things go wrong; … Continue reading

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The Vision

Deborah Beach Giordano © May 28, 2013 Grey doves gloves grandmother’s hair Grey elephants owls ashes Grey stone silver sky Grey fog smoke clouds Grey restful caressing gentle Grey disguising cloaking shrouding Grey both neither all Grey transition threshold entry … Continue reading

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A Soldier’s Prayer

Deborah Beach Giordano © May 27, 2013 based on Psalm 7 A Soldier’s Prayer O Holy God, be my shelter, I pray; save and protect me from those who roar and hunt for me, seeking to tear me into pieces … Continue reading

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True Understanding

Deborah Beach Giordano © May 14, 2013 All that is, is God’s, and the universe responds in awe and gratitude, giving praise and thanksgiving to our Creator. The stars are aglow with joy, galaxies dance in spirals of ecstasy sparks … Continue reading

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God’s Protection

Inspired by Psalm 27 Deborah Beach Giordano © May 11, 2013 The Beloved is my guide and my life so there is no one to fear. The Beloved is my shelter from every storm and danger so nothing can frighten … Continue reading

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A Personal Pentecost

Deborah Beach Giordano © May 9, 2013 Mysterious and shadowed blessing us covertly, teaching us in secret, doing good in ways we cannot see, whispering in the wind singing in the streams hidden in plain sight. Flames of divine love … Continue reading

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Calling for Help

Inspired by Psalm 30 Deborah Beach Giordano © May 2, 2013 You can do it, gracious God – and I know you will – pull me out of this darkness, lift my spirit, restore my senses, heal my body. There … Continue reading

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