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Life on Mars

dedicated to K. with hugs and prayers Deborah Beach Giordano February 23, 2016 Transported to an alien world: a sterile landscape of brightly-lighted rooms where no one ever sleeps; filled with the scent of gauze, alcohol rubs, hope, fear, and courage. … Continue reading

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The Flock

To read this Reflection on line (along with other reflections, prayers, and ponderings), go to Deborah Beach Giordano© February 22, 2016 Luke 13:31–35 as told by Deborah Then there was the time when some Pharisees came to warn Jesus, “You’d … Continue reading

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Polarity and Unity

In our search for good, we encounter evil; looking toward the Light, we stumble into darkness; seeking joy, we find sorrow; divergence, congruity; increasing, receding: washing, cleansing. In the midst of despair, hope appears; anger fades into forgiveness; fear is … Continue reading

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The Night Watch

Message received: 1:37 a.m., 2:12, 3:48… unmistakable traces of another darkling vigil; the unsettled watch of the insomniac, the unknowing, unwilling guardian of the night. Hearing in the fulsome silence, the flutter of bird wings, tree branches, and heartbeats far … Continue reading

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All in All

The cauldron and the stirrer, the circle and the center, the candle and the light, the pot and the potter, the picture and the painter, the word and its speaker.     Deborah Beach Giordano January 31, 2016

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