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Psalm 20, retold

The Beloved speak peace to you in the day of trouble! The Eternal, the blessed, protect you! May help come from above, and give you support from the people. May all your kindnesses return to you, tenfold. So be it! … Continue reading

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The Diagnosis

(keeping things life in perspective) The tests are analyzed, the results are determined, the physician speaks and suddenly we’re focused on what is wrong and we forget — or set aside in our concern, all that is right. We must remember … Continue reading

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Praise to The One Who Is

O Gracious One, Source and Destination, You are marvelous and good — far beyond comparison. Beauty and delight surround You like a cloak, shimmering across the heavens and upon the face of the earth. The clouds thunder a royal tattoo, … Continue reading

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The Rose Bush Beside the Wall

Deborah Beach Giordano © June 13, 2013 The rose bush beside the wall breathed a piteous sigh, “Why was I not planted in the middle of a garden where the sun is always shining and my luxuriant blossoms admired far … Continue reading

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dampened spirits

Deborah Beach Giordano © March 15, 2012 Do you wish to know the Creator of the cosmos, the Designer of the constellations who turns night into day, and back again? Do you seek the One who summons the tide and … Continue reading

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