The Owl’s Late Afternoon Prayer

Deborah Beach Giordano
© June 22, 2013

Thank You, God,
for late afternoon,
when the world
slips into soft-focus
as the day begins
to relax.

the earth sighs,
from the sun’s harsh scrutiny,
growing calmer,
settling down
in sweet anticipation
of the cool,

In this holy time
of transition:
the change
from intense
to mild;
amid the lovely,
I feel
You hovering

You reveal Yourself
in the gathering quiet
apart from
the senseless rush,
tenderly bearing
Wisdom’s unfailing Word:
“Slow down and listen,
cease your hurry,
be still and quiet,
and you shall truly hear.”what's-up

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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