The Psalmist criticizes worldly culture

Psalm 14, reinterpreted ~ the Psalmist criticizes worldly culture

The foolish deny belief
in any god
as they kneel in adoration
before their mirrors,
worshipping humanity
as represented in themselves;

their five senses consecrated
as the Realm of all that can be known —
no thoughts are wiser,
no source is greater,
no insights can exceed their own;

they sneer at “life eternal,”
and laugh at kosher diets
while eating gluten-free bread
and sipping kale smoothies
through silicone-plumped lips;

they scorn churches and temples
as so much wasted space
from inside massive shrines
built to accommodate their egos
and shelter them from fear;

ensconced in mighty SUVs,
their safety guaranteed
by alarm systems,
gates, guards, and guns,
they smirk at every danger
but one:

the Thief
who steals
what cannot be replaced:
breath and strength
and life itself,

the uninvited Guest
with cool quick fingers,
and an iron-fisted grasp
which cannot be loosened
by bribery or threats.

They are not wise, oh no,
not nearly as smart as they think;
None seek after God,
but for self-satisfaction
and earthly immortality.

God looks and sees
only the emptiness:
cold, stiff, and heartless,
wrapped up in themselves
dead while yet alive.

All alike,
none do good, no, not one;
their destructive deeds
and insatiable greed
make the angels weep.

Deborah Beach Giordano
September 2016

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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