The Homecoming – thoughts on Veteran’s Day

A Veteran’s Day Reflection

Deborah Beach Giordano
© November 10, 2014

Let’s celebrate!
It’s over now
you made it home

It’s just a car alarm
don’t get so excited
what’s the matter with you

Let’s go to the beach
we’ll build castles
in the sand
and relax.

We’ll do everything
like we used to do;
now that life is back
to normal.

The engine sounds fine,
the doors are locked,
there’s no need to check

Let it go, it was nothing;
you’re over-reacting
there’s no reason to be
so angry.

It’s only the wind,
I’ve told you ten times
there’s no one here
but us.

It’s a party, for heaven’s sake
getting together with old friends.
You never want to go

Turn on some lights
it will liven this place up.
Why are those curtains

Shush, shush, shush!
It was just a dream;
that screaming could
wake the dead.

The driveway is clear
the street is empty
what could possibly
be out there?

There’s nothing
on the neighbor’s roof
don’t be so

Stop pacing, calm down;
you just need some rest;
try taking
another pill.

You made it home safe.
For God’s sake
can’t you just
get over it?

On Veteran’s Day and every day

Let us pray for all those who have served and are serving. Let us pray for the vets who are coping with life “at home,” and those who have trouble finding their way. Let us pray for the families and friends.

Let us pray for a change of heart in all those who lack compassion. Let us pray for policy makers and bureaucrats who fail to care for those they place in harm’s way. Let us pray for the ignorant and the callous who shrug their shoulders and say, “Just get over it.”

Let us pray for healing and grace and understanding. Let us pray for peace throughout the world.

Virtual hugs and real-time blessings,

Deborah  ♰

Suggested Spiritual Exercise

Remember that not all wounds are visible.

Valuable Links

Wounded Warrior Project


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