Psalm 94

Psalm 94 ~ Deus ultio

Deborah Beach Giordano
© June 23, 2011

Help us, O God!
We need You to intervene,
and right away;
alleviate our suffering,
remove our troubles,
show Yourself
for all You’re worth,
and do
all that You can do.Roaring thunder
would be nice,
and some well-aimed
lightning bolts
striking down
all evildoers
in one powerful blast.
Crash! Bang!

Let the wicked be swept away
like crumbs from the toaster,
like ashes from the barbecue pit
like straw from the floor
of the barn.

and tossed –
as they have done
with others.

Show them Your contempt,
O Lord,
let the smug
and arrogant
know how it feels
to be
and set aside.

they brag
about their successes
in scamming the system
and cheating the people,
crushing the weak
their expensively-shod heels,
scraping them off
like dung.

Gleefully they stuff
their Swiss bank accounts
as the impoverished starve
in the streets.

They loll their days away
in expensive spas
on tropical islands
owned by oil-slick sheiks,
while the aged
and the ailing
die from treatable diseases
uncared for,
and ignored
in dark and dirty

Their silk-lined
little darlings
on their appearance,
swallowing tapeworms
and vomiting caviar
the fashionable form
of heroin chic,

while gaunt-faced
urban children
are consumed
by clawing hunger
soul-devouring rage,
and life-destroying drugs.

Their families worship
at the altar of Ego;
the mirror
is a sacrament,
their image
an idol,
all else
is unnoticed
and unimportant.

They proclaim
no god
but Mammon,
they know
of no power
than wealth,

they observe
but one commandment:
“Win at all Costs,”
and make sure
that those costs
are borne
by others.

You, O God,
are not surprised by this –
but saddened,
certainly …

how the mighty
have fallen –
a little lower
than angels

Free will
is the freedom
to live
with grace,
and the freedom
to act

Our earthly lives
are brief –
for a season
and no more –

if we wish
to seek the good,
to bless
and not to curse,
it must be now;
there is not a moment
to spare.

At the end
God speaks our names
we shall be lifted up
in joy,
our spirits
will fly
to the highest heaven

but when
the evildoers
hear that Mighty Sound
they will be filled
with terror;
and their souls
will flutter away
in fear
and shame.

Guide us,
sweet Shepherd,
to choose wisely
and well;
to love
care passionately,
and follow You

Without God’s help,
I would long ago
have given up.

As often as I slipped
toward despair,
your love, O Precious One,
has upheld me
and kept me strong.

When worries
fill my heart,
and troubles
disturb my rest,
Your tender kindness
cheers my soul.

You are my Rock,
my Fortress
and Redeemer;
in You alone
I put my trust.

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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