Jesus’ Disciples, Part 1

Jesus’ Disciples,
Part One

Deborah Beach Giordano
© August 7, 2010

On the road again,
the weary disciples travel
across new territory
that seems oddly familiar.

It’s all begun
to look the same;
whether desert sands
or terraced gardens,
green valleys
or tree-topped hills –
everywhere they look
they can see a desperate need.

In the quiet of tiny villages
and the bustle of busy cities,
they hear only cries
of hundreds of voices
begging for healing
and forgiveness.

They pick up their staffs,
pack up their bags,
and shake the dust
from their sandals;
with narrowed eyes
and determined jaws
they set off to save some souls.

It’s a critical issue,
a crucial job,
no time for larking about;
just hit the road
and keep to the path
until you hit paydirt.

Until they receive you
with open arms
and joyful hearts,
until they welcome
the Revealed Word

Frowning as they face
the sky-soaring sun,
they make their way
with measured

Disciple coming through,
move aside,
show some respect,
stop that running
still your laughter
can’t you see
how Important
we …
I mean …
how important
our Message is?

It’s all very serious,
there’s no time to dally;
on to business,
calm and professional
and certain;
remember your manners,
decorum matters.

Did you bring
your briefcase?

Who is that?
Over there!
Did you see him?
There he is again!
Some unkept fellow,
laughing and shouting
and making faces.
What did he just say?

Who would presume
to interrupt
our stately progress?
A jester? A fool?
Who else would dare
to dance around us
clad in brightly-colored cloth,
trying to trip us up.

He’s leading that band
of mismatched misfits;
as unworthy an assortment
of sinners
and suspect characters
as ever I saw.

What could have happened,
to make them jump about
with unrestrained glee,
grinning ridiculously?
It’s as though they’ve
been told some
happy news.

Just wait until
they hear
what we have to say;
that will sober them up.

You there!
Carry my bag!

Did you see that?
Impudent cur!
Worthless child
of a worthless tribe!
He threw
a piece of fish
at me!

If I catch him,
there’ll be hell to pay.
How dare he
show such disrespect
for a disciple of the Lord!
I’ll fix him;
I’ll give him something
to remember me by.

You, there!

Why won’t you fight –
so I can box your ears
a few more times!

Well, lay there, then,
like some dead thing;
you’ll never get up
as long as I am here.

I guess you now know
just who’s boss.
I’ve got you,
and here you’ll stay.
Now turn around
and face me
like a man.

Oh! Jesus Christ!!!

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I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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