Nothing Gray

Nothing Gray

Deborah Beach Giordano
© March 26, 2010

Up and down,
left and right,
us and them,
utterly unalike.

Separate and unequal.

The upper crust
the low-down dirty dogs;
different breeds
with nothing in common.

One above, one below.

We mustn’t forget
the divine divide:
naughty and nice,
heaven and hell.

Angels and demons.

Human beings
delight in
and in dividing up:

the bad from the good.

The wheat
from the chaff,
white cowboy hats
from the black.

No shades of gray.

Make your choice,
stake your claim;
absolutely right
or completely wrong.

There’s no such thing as in between.

You’re either for us
or against us.
It’s a one-shot deal.
You must decide —

now and forevermore.

Success and failure,
winners and losers;
the only thing that matters
is who’s in charge.

Right makes might.

We’ll show them.
They’ll find out who’s boss;
We’ll see who gives the orders
and who takes the commands.

And those who disagree — we’ll crucify.

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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