Post-Holiday Clean-up

Post-Holiday Clean-up

the house,
the windows,
the floors.

the stairs,
the walls,
the carpets.

all traces
of pine needles,
greeting cards and tinsel.

the warm glow,
the festive air,
the scent of cinnamon.

officially and finally
come and gone;
the holidays are ended.

to work, to school,
to our routines:
to the normal daily grind.

catching up
on lost time,
missed meetings.

Awakened, Aware,
Concerned, Kind, Grateful.

was our loving spirit
packed away
with the Christmas decorations?

Deborah Beach Giordano
© January 4, 2010

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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