a promise and a prayer

inspired by Psalm 34
Deborah Beach Giordano
© September 19, 2009

I will bless God at all times,
giving praise for everything that happens;
seeking to discover
the good within the bad,
the hope within the disappointment,
the healing within the hurt.

Or at least I’m going to try.

Such profound understanding
does not come easily;
such a lofty goal
is not achieved overnight;
it is the result of practice and prayer,
persistence and more prayer.

God help me to persist.

I do believe that You’re everywhere,
O Omnipresent One;
I do believe You truly care,
O Loving, Faithful One;
I do believe You hear my prayer,
O Eternal, Compassionate One.

Strengthen my belief.

There are times
when I do not believe — but
the truth of Your grace and love;
when radiance surrounds me,
uplifting my soul
and enlivening my spirit.

Help me to remember.

All you who dwell upon the earth —
whoever you are,
wherever you live,
whatever you think or fear or hope for,
hear my words!
Take heed and take heart!

The answer is within our reach.

What is it that you yearn for?
Happiness, hope and joy
and peace of mind?
Then live your life accordingly:
reject hatred and violence,
be compassionate and kind.

Holy One, dwell in us!

Let the works of our hands
and the words of our lips
bring heaven’s bliss upon the earth;
may we be peace-bringers,
light-bearers and hope restorers
to everyone we meet.

Gracious God, hear our prayer!

Open our eyes:
help us to see the holy possibility
in each challenge,
complication, and crisis;
show us the Way
to grow ever-closer to You.

Blessed Teacher, lead us!

Open our hearts:
fill us with Your sweet assurance,
awaken us to Your tender love
that never fails;
infuse us with true courage
to follow You always.

Let all that lives praise the Lord!

About inklingscommunity

I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the vulnerable, an opponent of exploiters.
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